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2019 Meetings

January 11



Litter Prevention and Cleanup, Samantha Battersby, Program Coordinator, Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative, Alice Ferguson Foundation

Sustainability through Engagement, Jen Cole, Executive Director, Clean Fairfax Council

Partnering to Keep Prince William Beautiful, Lynda Kummelt, Executive Director, Keep Prince William Beautiful

April 12


Draft Minutes

Chesapeake Bay Health Status Update, Peggy Sanner, Virginia Assistant Director and Senior Attorney, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Chesapeake Bay Phase III Watershed Improvement Plan Update, John Kennedy, Office of Ecology, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Information on Trapa Bispinosa, a new species of water chestnut found in the Potomac River Watershed

July 12


Draft Minutes (will be posted after the October 11, 2019 meeting)

Recovering from the Effects of the 2018 Record Rainfall on Agricultural Fields,

Amanda Pennington, District Engineering Services Manager, Department of Conservation and Recreation Division of Soil and Water Conservation

An Introduction to the Potomac River Fisheries Commission

Marty Gary, Executive Secretary, Potomac River Fisheries Commission

October 11

2018 Meetings

January 5



Fauquier County Groundwater Resources, Paul McCulla, County Administrator, Fauquier County Virginia

Evaluation of Publicly Maintained Bioretention Facilities, Asad Rouhi, Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District

Groundwater Resource Monitoring and Characterization in Northern Virginia, Brad White, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

April 13



Welcome, Karen Pallansch, CEO, Alexandria ReNew Enterprises

Potomac River Basin-Wide Comprehensive Water Resources Plan, Curtis Dalpra, Communications Manager, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

As a follow up to discussion at the meeting, Fairfax Water has a grant program aimed towards source water protection. The deadline for the grant program is May 15, 2018.   More information is available on the Fairfax Water website.

July 13



Chesapeake Bay TMDL Update, Ann Jennings, Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia

Aquaculture in Virginia, Karen Hudson, Shellfish Aquaculture Specialist, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences (VIMS)
Shoreline Erosion Advisory Service (SEAS) Program Updates, Aaron Wendt, Shoreline Engineer, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

October 12

Agenda (Updated 10/11/18)


Detailed Written Directions from Route 1 to the Clubhouse at Aquia Harbour


2017 Meetings

October 6



Floodplains and Considerations for Voluntary Conservation Programs (Chris Van Vlack)

Floodplains and Tree Buffers – A Case Study (Mike Rolband, P.E., P.W.S, P.W.D. and Mike Marsala, P.E., C.F.M.)

July 7


Draft Minutes

Accotink Creek Sediment and Chloride Total Maximum Daily Loads, an update (Will Isenberg)

Potomac Science Center Update and Current Projects:  (R. Chris Jones, Ph. D.)

             Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center

             An Ecological Study of Hunting Creek 2013-2016

             Tracking Estuarine Restoration in a Tidal Freshwater Embayment, from Nutrient Loading Reductions to Bloom Abatement to Aquatic Plant Recovery

April 7


Draft Minutes

January 6


Empowering Virginia's Well and Spring Users: The Virginia Household Water Quality Program (Erin Ling)

Urban Agriculture in Arlington Virginia (Kirsten Conrad-Buhls)

2016 Meetings

October 7


Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail (Matt Jagunic)

Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (Kevin McLean)

Update on Chesapeake Bay TMDL Mid-Point Assessment (Russ Baxter)

* The July 2016 meeting was not held due to summer schedules and speaker conflicts.


April 8



Fairview Beach Watershed Plan (Sligh)

January 8

Update on the Accotink Creek TMDL (Bryant Thomas and Rebecca Shoemaker)
Demonstrating the Value of Retaining Forestland in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Greg Evans)
Chesapeake Bay Stakeholders Assessment Presentation (Frank Dukes, Ph. D.)
Chesapeake Bay Stakeholders Assessment (Frank Dukes, Ph. D.)

2015 Meetings

October 2

Regional Water Quality Partnerships (Tanya Spano)
Virginia Master Naturalists – Celebrating 10 Years! (Jim McGlone)

July 10

Conservation Easements on the Northern Neck (Elizabeth Friel)
Artificial Aquifer Recharge (Mike Alter & Jason Early, Clear Creek Associates)
The Prehistory of Stratford Hall Plantation (Jon Bachman)

April 10

Urban Stormwater Workgroup (Norm Goulet, Northern VA Regional Commission)
VA Nutrient Credit ExChange Update (Glenn Harvey, VA Nutrient Credit Exchange Assn)
Potomac Aquifer Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting (Craig Nicol, VA DEQ)

January 9

Working Toward Doody-Free Water (Jensen, Doody Calls)
“Green” Grass: An Urban Nutrient Management Planning Program (Ohlwiler, Virginia Cooperative Extension)


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